Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5

Përshëndetje familja!

Another week come and gone. As you have already seen, I ran into Emily Nielsen Owen so that was really cool. Speaking of which, could you send me that picture?

It was super cold here for most of the week. It continued to snow for like 4 days and then rained a bunch so naturally no one could meet so you know what that means... finding. We got to go do a ton of tracting and a little bit of street contacting. Basically no one was interested, but we gave it our best and it led to a few good experiences. For example, one day I was super sick of tracting so I said a prayer in my heart that it would stop snowing for a little bit so we could street contact, and just then the sun came out and the streets got busy! Just one of those small hand of the Lord moments that keep you going when things get hard. But by the end of the week we were able to meet with our investigators and meet some new awesome people.

One of the coolest things this week happened with Rita. She was sick early this week so we couldn't meet with her, but then at the end of the week with decided to invite her to Stake Conference just in case, but we didn't think she would want to come because it's way far away. But to our surprise she really wanted to come and even ended up bringing her mom and her husband. They seemed to have a good time, even though the first stake conference is always a little bit overwhelming. While there President Anderson pulled a little surprise by inviting all investigators in the audience to get baptized. So that night we had a lesson with her and invited her and she accepted!

We also still have the Jakaj family. They're doing great! We're starting to build super good relationships with them and they loved Stake Conference, especially getting to talk to their son. They've been reading the Book of Mormon now and our lessons with them have been much better. One day when we were down there for a lesson we decided to do some finding in their village and we found some super cool and interested people there too. So hopefully that keeps going well. 

Our other main investigators for now are Leka and Arben and they're doing great too. Leka is a van driver and he drove the branch to Stake Conference. He's already read to Alma in the Book of Mormon and is a super cool dude. He also said he really liked Stake Conference. Arben is a journalist and is cool too. He talks a lot so it's kind of hard to keep him focused in lessons, but he also came to Stake Conference and really enjoyed it too!
That's about all the news for me. Stake Conference was really the highlight/focus of the week. It was super awesome getting to see all my missionary friends and all the people from my past areas. I got to see almost all my converts and a ton of members that I've worked with through exchanges and my past areas. I love all those people so much, it's such a special feeling getting to be with all of them and seeing how happy they all are because of the gospel. I'm so glad I decided to serve a mission. It's kind of sad that this was the last Stake Conference for me here in Albania.

I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Gardiner

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