Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29th

Përshëndetje familja! Ju dua shumë! 
So just one quick thing to clear up first, my departure date is September 27, not the 28th so Saturday was both my one month mark and my halfway point. So that's why we all have the 1 finger in one of the pictures I sent. The other one of my district is all of us making the Albanian hand signal of an eagle, which is apparently something that all Albanians know and do.
Thank you so much for keeping me updated on everything back at home, it's so much fun to hear. I'm so excited for Adam to get here and I will be hosting Wednesday so I'll try to host him. I'm glad school is going better for you, and I hope things are going well for everyone else as well!
For my favorite scripture I'll go with Ether 12:27. I love that scripture so much and I feel like that has been so important for me here. I've found that if I ever get even the least bit prideful here there's always been something that comes around to humble me real quick. I also love the promise in there that if we are humble our weaknesses can become strong. I've felt that so much here and I can tell that I'm getting so much stronger in all aspects of my life.
I love the Albanian hymn book you sent me so much!! It's so cool and we've used it a ton. 
And yes, C. Haggard is probably Motra Haggard's mom. I'm glad you found that because I actually forgot to get a picture of pink tie Sunday.
So this week has been awesome. We got a new Dutch district because the old ones left. It's crazy though because we had 22 people leave but we only ended up getting 6 new ones, only one of which is an Elder. So now we have a solo missionary in our branch and he's so cool. His name is Elder Robinson and he's from Jamaica. He's going to the Netherlands speaking Dutch and he's the only person from Jamaica to ever get called to that mission. I sent a picture of Elder Schneider and I with him in the email. We've become such good friends with him, and he's so amazing. 
Also I got to talk a lot with Elder Mazzei this week. He's the Argentinian Elder in our zone who is going to Turkey. He's by far the hardest worker out of any of us, and when I was talking with him last night he shared something that stood out to me. He said something along the lines of "I know that I only get one chance at the mission so there's no time to be tired, there's no time to be sad, I just have to work." I can't even imagine how hard it would be to have to learn both English and Turkish here, but he's doing it so well. He's also so funny, and he took martial arts before his mission.
The language is coming really well and it's been so fun learning. I'm starting to be able to talk pretty well just from the words I know, as long as I'm only talking about gospel things. I feel like every lesson we go into with our investigators there ends up being some huge twist that completely changes what we need to teach but it's so awesome seeing how well it goes when we're able to follow the spirit! We still have a long way to go but we're making great progress.
Before my mission I started the Book of Mormon from the beginning and I finished this week. That was such an awesome experience for me and personally studying the Book of Mormon here in the MTC has helped my testimony grow so much. I noticed so many things this time that I've never seen or paid attention to before. The Book of Mormon is so critical in our testimonies and without it investigators can't grow either. 

Also this week we had something called TRC. For TRC Albanian speakers, mostly returned missionaries, come to the MTC and we teach them. Except unlike our investigators in class, they are just being themselves. It's such an awesome experience teaching them, and after we teach they let us know how we did, some things we can do to improve, and some things about the mission. It's so cool and fun, but it's also crazy! We were so nervous going into our first lesson and then we started teaching and at first it was a total shock. In our first lesson one of the people we taught spoke super fast and apparently he switched into gheg(a different dialect of Albanian that we can't understand, spoken in the north and Kosovo) although we didn't actually notice. But by the end we were able to understand them both a lot better and it ended up going pretty well. I'm also excited because the last three weeks we're here for TRC we're actually teaching people in Albania through Skype!

One thing that has been fun to talk about this week is how we'll probably get to serve with at least one of the people here now. That's one thing I've loved so much about being the zone leader is that I've gotten to know all the other Albanian elders so well. They are all such amazing people and I would love to serve with any of them. But for now Elder Schneider and I are still working our hardest together. We get along so well and that has been such a blessing. We teach kind of differently and sometimes it's hard to know where he's taking the lesson sometimes but usually that's a great thing. It's awesome how we both are good at different things and we both know different vocab and phrases so between the two of us we are at the point where we can cover the basics pretty well. Also outside of class we are getting along so great. Elder Schneider is so funny and he's really good at doing impressions and voices. Every night our whole district ends up just rolling on the floor laughing, and that's partly because of all our inside jokes, but mostly just because we've all pretty much lost it. It's such amazing work here and we're doing our best to give it one hundred percent all the time so by the time we can go back to the dorm at 9:30 we've pretty much lost all sanity. But it's ok because we always say a prayer with our whole district each night before going back to the residences, and then from 10:15-10:30 it's quiet time where we write in our journals and pray so we can end each day with the spirit.
We've made some ambitious goals this week. First off we want to speak no more English in class time, and our other goal is to make every Saturday a consecration day where we speak nothing but Shqip and work even harder. It'll definitely be hard but I think we can do it, and I think it will help us a lot with the language. 

I can't think of anything else for now but if you have any other questions be sure to send them to me and I'll try to answer them.
Elder Gardiner

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22nd Email

Përshëndetje familja! Ju dus!

So lets see, this has been a crazy week. So it was our first week as Zone Leaders and that has been crazy. So as ZL our job is to basically be the eyes and ears of President Allen and to do any assignments he gives us to help the branch/zone. We interview all the district leaders every week after they interview the senior companions in their district, and that lets us know any challenges or goals all the missionaries have. Also we are in charge of the welcoming meeting for all the new missionaries that come into our zone and after we do that we have to just do our best to help them feel welcomed. We're in charge of making sure that everyone is being obedient and if we notice any problems we are supposed to correct it. It's a lot of fun but it's also a lot of work. So all in all our job is just to be a friend to everyone and answer any questions they have. Currently our zone is made up of 8 districts: 3 Dutch, 2 Albanians, 2 Hungarians, and 1 Turkish. However our three Dutch districts are leaving today and tomorrow. But we are getting a new Dutch district this Wednesday so we'll do our best to make them feel welcome too. It's been fun being the Zone Leaders though because we've gotten to know all the other missionaries so much better.

I did get grandma's package and it was awesome! We've hardly even made a dent so far but it's awesome having treats to help us just wind down at the end of the day. I swear she sent like a thousand boxes of candy it was so great!

It would be awesome if you could get me an Albanian Hymn book but I'm not sure where you can actually get those. Other than that I think I'm pretty good on things. I asked a little bit about winter things and I think all of us are planning on just buying them there.

That's awesome that Adam's finally coming in. It totally doesn't feel like it's already the end of August. I'm excited to hopefully see him around and I might even be hosting next week so maybe I'll even see him right off the curb.

So now for the rest of the letter. The language is still coming, but it's also still really hard. We're definitely improving and working hard and we are starting to get a lot better at the basics so for now we'll just do our best to learn the rest. 
Also this week my companion, Elder Schneider has been really sick so we had to miss a few things but I did my best to just study while he worked on getting better. We gave him a blessing last night and he's doing a lot better today though which is a great sign.
We got the new Hungarian district this week and they are so awesome. We've already become really good friends with them and they are working really hard. One of them is actually from Cedar Hills and he lived right by Lone Peak so I wonder if you know his family, his name is Pulsipher Elder.

We got to go to the temple again this morning and it was so amazing. I feel like it was extra good today because we had to miss last week for a doctors appointment. Mom, you should make a goal to go with Mason, Jordan, and Dad like once a month. It's such an amazing place and I know that it would bless you so much in your lives.

I've loved having the opportunity to run into Elder Mickelson all the time! It's been awesome seeing him around everywhere and it's going to be weird having him gone. Luckily we got a picture together last week that he sent in his email. I can't wait to hear how well he does out in the field and I'm so excited for him.
So I have pictures of things, I think there are some at the temple, as well as us with the old Hungarians. However my camera just died. So I will charge that and then send those later today.
If there are any more questions for me please send those and I will do my best to answer them.

So we're all continuing to have a great time here! we all get along so well and it's crazy learning about everyone's lives before the mission. For example, my companion used to have the craziest afro! If you saw a picture you totally wouldn't even recognize him. Also Elder Taylor who is the quietest of us Albanians used to have shoulder length hair and was the student body president of his High School. Then there's Elder Draper from Oklahoma, he's the only one of us who went to a year of college first, and one cool thing about him is that his girlfriend before he came actually converted to the church and now she's planning on serving a mission. But all in all we get along so well and we feel like just one big family. It's so awesome knowing that if I ever need anything from any of them they'd be totally willing to help. Also they're all so funny in their own way, and that definitely makes everything a lot less boring and stressful. Also Elder Mazzei who is from Argentina and spoke almost no English before he came is so funny. I was talking with him, and Elder McDivitt and Elder Hunter (who are going to the Netherlands speaking Spanish, but for some reason learned Dutch in the MTC) and it was so much fun. 

This is a picture of Fisher Elder, Elder Schneider, me, and Ballard Elder. They were the Zone Leaders when we came in and we became really good friends with them. Now they're in Hungary!  there are more pictures but that will have to wait until next week. Also, I got a haircut today.

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15th, 2016

Ç'kemi Familja, ju dua! So I don't have a lot of time to email right now because we're saying goodbye to the Hungarians who are leaving today but I'll finish emailing again later. So for now I'll just fill you in on the most important things. 
First, Elder Schneider and I became the new Zone Leaders yesterday! I wanted to tell you last week but president Allen said not to tell anyone until Sunday. We're so excited to serve and we'll do our best in everything we do! We're losing the old Hungarians today but on Wednesday we get a new group of them. Because we're zone leaders we're in charge of welcoming them and teaching them all the rules which is super exciting, especially since it feels like we just got here. We're also hosting this week so we may even get to welcome one of our new zone members at the curb.
Also last Tuesday for our devotional Elder Neil L. Anderson came and spoke to us which was so cool! His message was amazing and it was so full of hope. He talked a lot about faith in Christ and focused on how his elect are out there, no matter where we go and that we have to constantly work to find them.
Thank you so much for the package and for all the notes that were in it! It's so much fun hearing from you all throughout the week, and the snacks are fantastic!
Additionally, I've run into so many people I know here! There are by far too many to name but some of the funnest new ones have been Elder Swalberg, Elder Hunt, and Elder Trainor. There are so many people here from Lone Peak, and honestly it's kind of weird seeing them all. 
Us Albanian elders are having so much fun here! Our rooms are right next to each other and trust me it's a party. They're all so funny and everyone is so different. We're getting really good at four square and it's pretty much the official Alby sport here.
I'm learning the language so well! I'm starting to really understand the basic grammar, except I'm still not great at clitics and articles, and even cases are becoming easier. I still need to get a much better vocabulary but it's definitely coming. I already have the missionary purpose and the first vision memorized në shqip(in Albanian) which is awesome. Our lessons are going so much better too! We got a new investigator, Kejti(Katy) aka Motra Kokol, and the lesson went amazing but we forgot to bring a Book of Mormon to give her so that was a mistake. But our other investigator Maksim committed to baptism so now we're getting to lessons we've never taught before. Also in our most recent lesson with Maksim I ended up phrasing my question wrong so it ended up taking us into a way different lesson that we didn't plan but that ended up being one of our best lessons yet so we can definitely thank the gift of tongues for that. The gift of tongues is so real, we've learned so much here that there is no way we could have learned this by ourselves. It's so amazing and I'm so grateful for that.
We loved the snacks you sent this week, and if it's possible could you send me an Albanian Hymn book. We thought they sold them here but turns out they don't. Also if you could send me my brown shoes that'd be nice, but if not it's totally fine. 
I'll try to email again later but we have to go for now.
Mirupafshim, ju dua!

So that didn't take as much time as I thought. It was sad to see them all go but I'm so excited for the amazing things they'll do. It's crazy how close we all get here, it really does feel like our district and even our zone is just one big family. So we got to leave campus this morning to go to the doctor for my companion, and good news he's all fine. It was really weird walking around town though but it was fun talking to regular people. So far the hardest thing for us has probably been waking up in time. We've been doing pretty good but we accidentally slept in like 4 minutes late one day, which was pretty rough. So now we've started all yelling "Shqipëria!" (Albania) when the alarm goes off and it makes it easier to get up. It feels weird that we still have a month and a half left here though. I'm oddly excited for Adam to get here though, even though that's still a ways away. Because we're the new Zone Leaders we got an email kind of congratuating us and giving us advice but they haven't changed it for the new MTC president so it says it's from President Nally which was pretty funny. Laundry has been going well and the stuff works great, thank you for sending that. I'm really glad I took all those years of Spanish though, not only have I used it here but it's also helped me understand some of the more complicated grammar principles like possessives. However I do keep accidentally using Spanish words when I try to speak Albanian and Albanian words when I try to speak Spanish which is kind of annoying. But all in all things have been going great and I still love it here.

Also just some more random thoughts, we learned an Albanian proverb that I really like. It goes "gur gur bëhet mur, mur mur bëhet kalaja" translated it means stone by stone you get a wall, wall by wall you get a castle. That has been so true and such a critical way of thinking here while learning a language. Sometimes I get frustrated that I'm not understanding everything all at once, but then as we keep going and I put it together piece by piece I've been able to look back and notice how much I've already learned and how fast it really is coming. 
Also thank you so much for sending me my friends emails during the week, it's so much fun being able to see how they're all doing. I'm so excited for Chaz to finally start his mission, it truly is such a unique experience and he'll do great. 
Love, Elder Gardiner

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 2

Çkemi familja! Ju dua! (hi family, I love y'all). So to start I'll clear up a few things. First off there are two Albanian districts, district d and district e. I am in district e and there are a total of 9 missionaries in my district. Then in the other district there are 11 missionaries. So there are 20 in total. We have separate class rooms and different teachers but occasionally we do class activities where we practice with them. Each district has two teachers, our teachers are Motra Kokol (she's the one who's friends with the McGills), and Vëllai Bangeter. The way investigators work is the Albanian teachers are our investigators and they just take on the identities of investigators they had on their mission. Our first investigator was called Juxhin who is a real person in Albania, but our investigator was really Vëllai Knight who is one of the teachers for the other Albanian district. Now we have a new investigator called Maksim who is really Vëllai Bangeter. Now our room is just a small room with 3 bunk beds and a table with 4 chairs which works out really well for us because we only have 4 people in our room. And no we are not having a hard time keeping it clean, although it does occasionally smell like day old bananna. I am doing well with brushing my teeth which is good because we eat a lot. I can't really think of more things I need but some candy and treats are always fun.
Now for the real part of my letter. It feels like 2 months have gone by since the last time I emailed but it's starting to go by fast. We do so much here and there's a saying our Branch President told us that I feel perfectly sums up the way time works here "the days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days." I'm loving it here and I'm still loving all the people. There's a sense of unity and comradery that truly doesn't exist anywhere else and it's especially strong when we all sing Called To Serve together. The language is really starting to come so much faster. In the almost two weeks I've been here I've probably already learned what took me two years to do in school and this language is way more complicated than Spanish. This was so evident in our third lesson with Juxhin. Even though we knew he wasn't really an investigator we always treat them like they are because even though he is already a member we can all still grow closer to Christ. In our third lesson we decided that we were going to go in without a script and to just follow the Spirit on the way we should take the lesson and just prepare as much as we could. As we were going through the lesson the Spirit was so strong and we were able to understand questions that we had never heard and we were able to say words that we couldn't ever have remembered on our own. So as we got to the end of the lesson we got the impression that we should invite him to be baptized and he accepted! We came out of the lesson feeling so elated and it was so amazing! I'm so grateful for our teachers because they both teach so differently but through the Spirit we are able to learn so much. We're really starting to understand the basics of the language and we're starting to be able to create our own sentences.
I've also had so many different Spiritual experiences here. Last night Brother Holland, the son of Elder Holland, came and talked to us and he focused on the life of Joseph Smith. It was so amazing and such a testimony building experience for me because it showed his life in a very different and unique way. I love how he focused on how Joseph wasn't perfect and he experienced so much hardship but that he endured it so well and was so quick to change and repent. It emphasized for me how much we need to follow his example. I had the opportunity to sing with the rest of the Albanian elders, and about 1500 other missionaries, in the choir where we sang Praise to the Man. We sang this at the end of Brother Hollands talk and it was so powerful! The Spirit was so strong in that room.
Also we've gotten to the point where we work so hard and we're so worn out by the end of the day that pretty much everything that happens here is either ultra spiritual or the funniest thing on earth so none of this may actually be funny. One of the other Albis in the other district, Elder Nielsen, is one of the funniest people I have ever met. He has a super thick Delduh(Delta) accent and he has an ability to just appear out of nowhere at any moment and then he'll say "Përshëndetje". It's gotten to a point where we can't take that word seriously anymore so whenever we need a laugh all we have to do is try and say it in our best Delduh accent. Also I'm pretty sure that half of the words we say are "shumë mirë" along with the hand signal for it(it means very good and it's pronounced like "shoe meer"). Also the other district has gotten us into saying "shumë po" (very yes) and "shumë jo" (very no) as well as "jopë"(not actually a word but we us it like "nope"). 
So just in summary I'm loving it here and I'm learning so much! The language is coming so much faster and I've learned to love it! Side note, the language is one of the oldest, possibly the oldest, in the world and it has changed alphabets numerous times. Were just lucky that they changed it from the Russian alphabet not too long ago. Let me know if you have any more questions, I'll probably get back on later.
Mirupafshim, Elder Gardiner

Also I forgot to include some things in my first letter. First off tell dad Happy Birthday for me! Hopefully it's a good one. Also the new Turkish missionaries got here this week. One of them is from Argentina and only speaks limited English so right now the Dutch elders and I are in charge of helping to translate for him. It's sad because the Hungarians leave next Monday and the Dutch will be leaving the week after that. They've been so much fun and we're going to miss them. Hopefully the new missionaries coming in will be fun too. Also I gave my first blessing last night and that was such an amazing and unique experience. My companion has to go to a doctor off campus this week just to get something that came up right before he left checked out again. It shouldn't be a problem and he should be completely fine but that does mean that him and I get to leave the MTC for a little while which will be fun. Additionally we get to watch church videos and movies on Sunday nights so last night we watched Ephraim's Rescue. It was so cool and even though I have already seen that movie the experiences and stories are still so powerful to me. Also it's really funny because there is one part where two people kiss and the entire gym of probably 2000 missionaries just erupted into applause and laughter.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The first P day

Pershendetje familja! So it has been a crazy week! It was so awesome seeing Trevor and Robert right when I got here and I've been lucky enough to run into them a lot around here. Make sure to tell the Mickelsons that I am so grateful for the package! It was so fun getting that and I'm so glad I got to read your dear elders. So to start with my companion, his name is Elder Schneider and he is from Idaho Falls. He's 18 and he just graduated from high school. He loves music, he plays the piano and cello and he sings. We've gotten along super well and he is so awesome! He really pushes me to always try to learn, not only the language but also to be more confident in the doctrine. Also him and I have the same taste in music. Funny enough, him and I actually went to the same Imagine Dragons concert so I technically could have already run into him. Here at the MTC there is a huge choir that is open for anyone to sing in so we decided to go and that was super cool. The choir director was super funny and he told us some amazing stories about the song we were singing. We sang Lead, Kindly Light and it made me think harder to make sure that I'm following the path that the Lord wants me to follow instead of trying to make God follow my will. My district is also so cool! There are 4 elders, Elder Johnson, Elder Benson, Elder Schneider and I. And there are 5 sisters, Motra Suckow, Motra Dunn, Motra Haggard, Motra Miles, and Motra Bland. We've all gotten along really well and we have a lot of fun together. Elder Johnson and Elder Benson are also our roommates and they are so much fun! All of us are so different from each other but we all work together and we all get along so well. I'm so happy at how good of friend's we've become! There are so many different personalities but we all have the same purpose and we try to do our best to work our hardest. I've been told that this is the largest group of Albies that they've ever had at the MTC, we have 20 missionaries and we even have 2 different districts. Our teacher for now is Motra Kokol and she is so awesome! We've learned so much and we have a lot of fun. It's also so cool that she is such good friends with the McGills! We also have the best zone ever! As soon as we got here everyone went out of their way to welcome us and they gave us all the advice they have and they are all working so hard to learn everyone's names. Ballard Elder, and Fisher Elder (They're backwards because they're Hungarians) were our zone leaders when we got here and they have helped us so much and they've helped clear up any confusions we had. They got released Sunday but our new zone leaders have been just as awesome and that has been such a blessing. Our zone is the Hungarians, the Dutch, and the Albanians, and we will also have the Turks when they get here on Wednesday. So on Sundays we have sacrament meeting as a zone and it's so cool because we all sing, pray, and give talks in our own languages. It sounds super cool when all of our weird languages combine on the hymns and even though we have no idea what the words mean it brings the spirit so strongly! Also our zone works so hard to be exactly obedient, and because we work so hard and we are so obedient we have been blessed with unlimited email time on P-Days, however we have been recommended to keep it under an hour and a half so that's what we'll do. Our Branch President is President Allen and he is so amazing! He is so kind and he loves us so much, he also shares so much and always gives amazing lessons! So on Friday we gave our first lesson and the investigator was called Juxhin (pronounced like Eugene). We had no idea what he was saying. We tried our best but we couldn't really answer any of his questions so we just kind of read out our lesson plan. The next lesson we had a much better understanding of the language and we could understand a lot more of what he was saying but we still didn't have a lot of the vocabulary to respond to his question. I'm starting to get a much better vocabulary but I'm still having a hard time listening to the language, but I'm doing my best to stay positive and just keeping working as hard as I can and I know that it will all be ok. Last night we watched a talk by Elder Bednar called The Character of Christ. It was so amazing and it really changed my perception on how I should live my life. It basically challenged us to instead of focusing on ourselves to always look to others just like Christ was, and it also emphasized that a testimony is not the same thing as a conversion. Also yesterday we had our devotional with the head of the missionary department. Before the meeting started we had some church songs that we all sang as prelude music and it was so funny when the conductor said that the next song was from the Children's Songbook, everyone was so excited and was laughing super hard. We also had our temple walk yesterday and we took some good pictures, I also ran into Trevor Madsen while we were there. I've run into so many people that I know from school here, it is so cool. There is such a unique spirit here that I honestly have never felt anywhere else. There is so much unity and kindness here and it's so amazing to see how excited everyone is. For our exercise time Elder Schneider and I have been working out in the gym for the first half of our time and then for the last half we go back to the main gym and play some four square. It's so much fun and so many people in our zone play, it gets pretty competetive! The food here has been fantastic and there's always plenty. I've been doing great here and I've felt super healthy! It is definitely one of the many blessings of missionary service! I'm doing so well here and I'm so happy. This is totally not as bad as everyone says, and I'm happy we still have a long time. I'm going to need all the help I can get to learn this language. By the way in Albanian the word Shqip (the Albanian language) literally means "the language of the eagles" which is probably the coolest thing I've ever heard. I love you all and I'll be back on the computer later if I think of anything else to say. Have fun at your Shakespeare festival. Mirupafshim!

Later in the day:

So there are two Albanian districts and the other district has six elders, Elder Harris (the one we ran into at Tucanos), Elder Nelson, Elder Nielsen, Elder Draper, Elder Wood, and Elder Taylor. There are also more sisters in that district, I think there are 5 but I don't know their names. So there are an odd number of sisters in our district because one sister didn't show up so there are 3 sisters in a tripanionship and then a regular companionship. In total we have 20 missionaries going to Albania, 10 elders and 10 sisters. We went to the temple this morning and that was super cool, then we've just been doing laundry and email for the rest of the day until 6:10 when we have to go back to class. We have 6 hours of class each day, other than Sunday and P-Day, and it's split into two three hour blocks. Then each day we have a ton of time for personal, companion, and personal language study. Also it would be nice if you could send some laundry detergent, I'm not sure if that's possible but if it is that would be fantastic. Sometimes sending pictures just doesn't work so if Trevor Madsen hasn't sent any pictures that might be why, it's really hard to figure out. Also if you have any more questions that you would like me to answer in my P-Day emails please send them. Also if you could post the dear elder thing that would be awesome, they're super fun to get and that way we can think about them in personal time at night so we know how to respond during our email time. Also if you end up sending more white shirts to me before I leave check if they have front pockets because some don't, which is fine, but the ones that do are better because then we can take off our suit coats and still wear our name tag, which is a rule. Tell everyone I love them and I'm doing great!

Some additional information about my district, Elder Benson is from Logan Utah and he is a baseball player, he's the taller one. Elder Johnson has lived and visited all over Europe because his dad was a doctor in the military. We all get along and we make sure to set our alarm a few minutes before 6:30 to make sure that we're up and ready in time for breakfast. Elder Johnson eats an ice cream with pretty much every meal, which is ok because I've totally been doing the same thing with chocolate milk. We are meeting our other teacher tonight when we have class. P-Day's are the best and Sunday's are amazing. The days feel like they last weeks and it feels like I've already been here for a month but I'm loving it. It would also be nice if you could send me one or two more sleep/exercise shirts just because we work hard and sweat a lot. Thank you for everything!

Love, Elder Gardiner

Austin and his companion Elder Schneider

Elder Mickelson 

 Both Elder Mickelson's

 Elder Madsen

 Albanian Elders