Monday, March 5, 2018

February 5th

Përshëndetje familja!

This was a crazy week. We just got back from Gjiorkaster so I don't have a lot of time. I took over 100 pictures this week, so I'll send as many as I can. Now here are the highlights.

So hopefully that screenshot goes through. It's a pretty basic summary of our week.

We met with Redi. He's doing ok. We'll meet him again tonight.

The Lewis' had a lesson with Entela and it was good. We'll be meeting her again on Wednesday. She came to church again!

The three girls are still super awesome. Their names are Griselda, Lumesa, and Armela. One of them hadn't started reading the Book of Mormon yet, then she came to church on Sunday with her book and said she did nothing but read all weekend and was in 2 Nephi 10 now. They came early to study again. Super awesome.

Other than that, we had exchanges. We started in Korçë, I served with Elder Ward. He's really cool. Korça is an awesome place. Then we went to Pogradec. I got to serve with Elder Miller and he's an amazing missionary. He only has 6 months in field but he already is amazing with the language and knows how to teach and everything super well. We ended up taking a trip to Elbasan to get baptismal clothes for a baptism, but it got canceled because the woman's husband won't let her get baptized. So hopefully that'll change soon. 

After that, church was good yesterday. We went and did baptismal interviews in Vlore and Radhime after church and lunch. There will be three baptisms in Vlore this week and they're all so cool.

We had our Gjirokaster P-day trip today with Elder Lewis and it was amazing. We went to the ancient castle that overlooks the city and explored the whole thing. There were so many cool things there. The castle was started in the 7th century BC, it was changed to look like it does in the 1400s. Which btw is much older than the USA. They also have an American war plane they landed during WWII. Pictures will come. Most will probably have to wait a week or two.

Other fun news, our mission is getting bigger! Greece is going to become a part of the Mighty Adriatic South Mission on July 1 this year. So that'll be cool. With any luck I'll get to go visit some day on a P-Day.

That's about it for me. I love you all!
Have a great week!
Elder Gardiner

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