Monday, March 5, 2018

January 22

Përshëndetje familje!

Well another good week here in Fier.

This week, has been good. We had that lesson with Entela last Monday, but she didn't have time to meet again throughout the week. But she came to church and gave a bunch of perfect answers in second hour at church.
We met with Redi again. It was an ok lesson, but like usual it kind of jumped around a lot, and so the spirit came and went back and forth through the lesson. So there's still plenty of work to do there.

We had a game night this week and it was awesome. There are three girls who come to our English Course and church and they came. Also a member, Nikolin, brought his friend, and they had a great time. It was a lot of fun, we had a bunch of members there and investigators and the members did a great job friendshipping them. We played bingo, hot potato, fruit salad, and a balloon juggling game. Fruit salad is one of those games where everyone has to switch chairs as fast as they can to not get caught in the center, and everyone loves it! Plus we are trying to teach the three girls, but we want to meet with the family first, and their mom showed up to get them from the activity. So hopefully we'll be able to start that soon.
I also went on an exchange to Lushnje this week with Elder Tobler. It was good, I actually got to do some street contacting and we weren't insanely busy, so it was a bit of a nice change. Elder Tobler's really cool. He's super tall, but other than that everyone says we look a lot alike. I actually have a picture of me with him from an exchange I did with him in Elbasan with Lindis.

English course has been great recently. Our class is mostly full of children and families so we've been playing a lot of English learning games, and they love it. And then we've been having great spiritual thoughts. So people have been having fun at the church and learning about the gospel, so double bonus!

This morning we went and helped a member family get rid of a ton of mold from their walls. That was a lot of fun, and wasn't actually too hard since all the walls here are actually just concrete. And plus, they made cinnamon rolls for us after.
I have a few pictures to send you from the past few weeks, I actually remembered by camera cord today!
We got to watch the special announcement this week, and it was so cool! I'm so excited that Russel M. Nelson is officially our new prophet. I felt really strongly that he really has been called of God to lead his church. He's going to do amazing things as the prophet!

I'm loving things here. Elder Schneider have had a ton of fun together this week. He's so awesome and miracles are happening with him here.

I love you all and I hope you're all doing well!
Elder Gardiner

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