Sunday, June 17, 2018

April 30

Përshëndetje familja!

Another good week up here in Shkoder. On the bright side, we've completely finished moving and working everything out with the apartments! So that means we've had a lot more time to go finding and to meet with people!

So it's summer right now, and it's super hot and humid, so naturally people don't really like being outside and instead they just sleep all day. So that makes finding a little bit harder, but we've been making it work. We've got a bunch of numbers these past couple days that we're working on calling and meeting up with. We've actually run into a bunch of really cool people, hopefully we can actually set up some lessons!

As for other people that we're working with, we met with the Jakajs again this week. We had a good lesson with them, they still aren't reading or coming to church though. They said that they're almost through the most busy time of the year though, so hopefully as soon as that passes they'll start progressing more. They love learning with us and you can tell that they really feel the spirit, then they just don't do the small things every day that they need to keep a testimony going.

Other than them, we've got two people named Gjergj. One of them lives in Lezhe, we've met with him a couple times but he still hasn't come to church. So we met and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the lesson went really well. He seemed to understand what we were teaching. So hopefully something comes out of that. The other lives in Shkoder and has been meeting with the missionaries for years, so we do spiritual thoughts with him every once in a while. His only problem is keeping commitments. Sometimes he'll do what we tell him, but he's kind of unreliable. So if he just starts coming to church and meeting with us a little more often I can see him progressing.

And then other than them we still have the Beqiris. They're the members in Lezhe and both Danjela and Danida came to English Course this week which was fun because we hadn't seen Danida in a few weeks. We played games and taught English then had a quick lesson at the end and it went really well. They said they would try to come to church on Sunday, but for some reason they weren't able to come this week.

Church was really good this week though. It was fast Sunday and the members here never cease to amaze me. There are only 8 active members in the Shkoder branch yet every fast Sunday there is never a moment of awkward silence waiting for someone to come up and talk. They have super powerful testimonies and they love sharing them. This week President Zefi even had me conduct the meeting so I got to share my testimony too. The members here are so amazing!

Then today we had a fun P-day with the Tirana 4th ward Elders who came up to visit us. We gave them a tour of the city and the castle and then got lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. It was a lot of fun and it was great having some other missionaries in the city with us. And as a bonus, while we were at the castle this tourist from Spain came over and talked to us and said that he has a ton of respect for our church and that all the missionaries he's talked to have all been super polite and respectful. So that was fun.

Well that's about it for me. Elder Perry and I are still doing great, serving with him is great. This is the week of transfer calls, and we're both really hoping to not get a call. But we shall see.

Love you all! Have an amazing week!
Elder Gardiner

Just a quick picture from my exchange a couple weeks ago with Elder Harris. Best exchange ever. Topped of with super good 10 cent ice cream.

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