Monday, November 20, 2017

October 23rd

Përshëndetje familja!

Things are still going great here in Fier! It's been a pretty calm week, nothing too exciting, but a good one nonetheless.
First off, Redi. He's still doing great. We taught him the word of wisdom and the law of tithing and he was super ready to accept it. There's still a few more things we have to go through and clear up before his baptism, but for now he's doing great!

We had a few fun experiences with members this week. One day we were walking down the road looking for people to teach and ended up running into Motra Gjika. So we asked her if there were any members that need a visit and she told us that she wanted us to come over. So we had lunch and a bit of a lesson with her family. Her husband, Vëllai Gjika, was the branch president for 10 years(he only got released a few weeks before I got here) and they're an amazing family. He lost his left arm years ago from a work accident and it would have been really easy for him to become a really negative and bad person, but he decided not to do that. He's one of the most positive people you could ever meet, I don't think I've ever seen him without a smile, he has a super strong testimony and knows a ton of doctrine, and he's also is super into running and cycling. They're a super awesome family and they've been members since the beginning so they know all the members and they help us out a ton to find and help members who have fallen away. 
We also got to bring the sacrament to some members yesterday. They're a super funny older couple and they were so nice. We brought the sacrament and had a lesson and then they made us lunch. It was super good, but they gave us so much food, I felt so sick afterwards. 

I also met a super cool guy on the road this week. He's Christian and loves the Bible, and he's a school teacher and he wants to help all the kids he teaches have faith as well. He said he didn't have time to meet or a phone number, which usually means that we'll never see them again, but I gave him a pass along card and invited him to church if he ever wanted. And then this Sunday he actually came! He stayed for all of priesthood session, which is what we watched for second hour(church here is only two hours) and then after I talked to him and he said that he had gone online and found the Book of Mormon and started reading it and really liked it. We gave him a physical copy and he said he'll try to come again next week, so hopefully he reads and studies the Book of Mormon!

That's about it for me, I'm still loving serving with Elder Larsen. We get along really well and he's a great missionary.
Fun bonus, yesterday was Lindis' one year baptism mark, he's no longer a recent convert! I got to talk to him a little last night, and later this week I'll actually get to go on an exchange to Elbasan, so I'm super excited!

Have a great week, I love you all! Mirupafshim, Zoti ju bekoftë!
Elder Gardiner

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