Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 8th

Përshëndetje familja!

So this has been an absolutely insane week!

First off, we have an investigator!!! So, her name is Krsiti and she is friends with one of the members here. She's been coming to church for a while now, but for various reasons we've never had an opportunity to talk to her(for a while we actually thought she was a member). So one day we asked Anxhela, her friend, about her and she said she would set up a lesson with her for us. So we met with her and it was so amazing! She had a ton of questions and was super interested in learning. Also it was cool because a lot of her questions are answered perfectly in the scriptures, like she had the question "what would have happened if Adam and Eve didn't eat the forbidden fruit" so we read 2 Nephi 2:22-25 which answers that exactly! Also she said that Anxhela had given her a book of Mormon so she decided to read it and had already read like 30 pages or something. In the lesson she said that when she reads the Book of Mormon she feels super peaceful, and that she reads it right before she goes to bed so that she sleeps better. So we taught her about Moroni's promise in Moroni 10 and told her to pray about it when she reads, which she was super excited to do. She also super excitedly accepted to be baptized on April 1! So that was super awesome!

But so other than that, we had Stake Conference on Sunday and that was so amazing. I got to see a ton of members from Elbasan, and the talks were great. Also super exciting news, Lindis is getting the Melkezidek priesthood! I got to sit with him at Stake Conference and he said that he just got out of the interview for it, so at the beginning of the meeting it got announced and we all got to sustain it! Sister Weidman took a picture of us, but I didn't see it yet. But basically he's the best! Also, his sisters, Ana and Helena, came to Stake Conference too! They're doing really good too and that was a ton of fun seeing them. Then there were a ton of great talks there. President Mema, Sister Weidmann, President Weidmann, and Elder Moreira all gave talks and it was really good. President Mema talked about a lot of things that they are going to do to strengthen the stake and gave all the members a challenge to strengthen themselves and others around them. President Weidmann talked about missionary work and challenged all the members to pray for us, to pray for investigators and to pray for their less active friends.

Then we also had Mission Conference on Monday in Elbasan. I can not describe how good it felt going back there, I love that place! It started with a quick training from President Weidmann, which was super good. He taught us how to better get investigators to come back to church and how to set up lessons with non-members who show up to church(because of us in Vlorë). Then Elder Moreira taught us for the rest of the time. That was super awesome, he's so funny. He gave us a ton of advice for how to study and how to plan, which was really good because it's something that I'm bad at and trying to improve on. Also he told a lot of amazing stories. He was a mission president in Brazil and he told us the story of one of his missionaries who got hit by a bus and was not expected to live, but through a series of prayers, inspired decisions, and blessings he survived and now lives a normal life! That was really cool because he said that for 3 weeks he wasn't able to do anything to lead the mission because he was spending his time caring for this Elder, so he told the missionaries that and told them that they were in charge of the mission. He said that during that time the missionaries were more obedient than ever and the number of baptisms went up ten-fold as they all prayed and worked for this Elder. It was an amazing story. We also talked about the power of silence, and how to better help investigators think and learn for themselves through inspired questions. That was so cool, and I'm really going to work on that for myself.

Then yesterday, and this morning we were in Tirana going back to the doctor. That all went well, and it was fun getting to stay with Elder Johnson(from my MTC group) and Elder Ingram. We did an exchange for a couple hours and I got to work with Elder Johnson, which was awesome. He's a really good missionary and he's really good at talking to people, so that was great.

So that's about it, it's been a long week and a half, but it feels great to finally be back in Vlorë again. 

Also that's so amazing about Alyssa Pauga coming to this mission! She's going to love it, it's the best one in the world! If she ever has any questions I'm happy to answer them! I'm assuming she's speaking Albanian, right? Either way that's awesome!

All in all, I'm doing great and still loving it here! I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week.

Mirupafshim, ju dua shumë!

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