Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20th and 27th

Përshëndetje familja! 

So as you are about to see there are a lot of pictures in this email, which I'm sure you will enjoy.

This has been kind of a crazy week. The biggest thing that happened this week was that the ward did a youth trip to a place called Llogara and we got to come along! It was so cool, it's super beautiful, the pictures just don't even do it justice. Basically imagine taking a smaller Glacier National Park and putting it right next to the ocean, and that's what this was. I am 100% convinced that Albania could easily be the most beautiful place in the world if it was just a little more taken care of. So that's what most of my picture are of. It was cool because we were all the way up in the clouds. We played a lot of games, and it was cool because there were actually a lot of investigators there too! Then we even went on a hike with some of the youth, which was so amazing. I haven't done that in way too long!

So other than that the big news of the week is that Aulon, our investigator, just moved to Tirana for work and is probably not coming back. So that really sucks. So right now we don't really have any investigators. But now we're really working on finding. We've done a lot of street contacting and tracting, which has still not really been good but it has seemed to improve a little bit. Street contacting pretty much just doesn't work here at all, but we've been able to talk with a few people tracting which was good.

We've been working a ton with the members here and that's been super good. There are a lot of people who have either left because they got offended or because they came for the wrong reasons, but at the same time there are a lot of amazing members here too. There are some members where after the lessons with them I just wish that every member could be that strong. It really strengthens my testimony listening to all of their stories and their testimonies.

Another fun thing from this week, we were at home at night one day just getting ready to go to bed when we heard what sounded like meowing outside, which was weird because we live on the fifth floor of an apartment, so we went to the door and sure enough there was a cat in the hall. So we sat there just looking at it for a few seconds, and then in came in our house. So we gave it a bowl of milk and then sent it back out. So not that crazy of a story, but it was kind of fun. And that is the reason I have pictures of a cat in my email.

Other than that it's been a pretty normal week. Elder Lords and I are doing great together, we work together well and we're having a lot of fun. Our district is so amazing and we have a ton of fun together. The other Elders are so funny! And we do a ton of stuff together, which is a lot of fun. 

Hopefully we'll go somewhere fun for P-Day next week, we've heard of a few cool places but we still just need to figure out how to get there. So I'll definitely let you know. 
One thing that I've really learned here on my mission is how special the temple is. I can not even describe how lucky we are to have so many temples in Utah. I really wish I had gone more before my mission. Most of the people here get to go to the temple like once or maybe twice in their lives(that should change when the Rome, Italy temple gets finished though) and meanwhile there's a temple like 10 minutes from home. So that's definitely something I'll do better about when I get home. But luckily, the stake is doing a temple trip for the youth who are in seminary, so that will be so cool getting to hear their stories about that, and they are so excited to go!

So that's about it for this week, I love you all so much!
Mirupafshim, ju dua shumë!
Also if you could send me some family pictures through email I would really appreciate it! And maybe a small, wallet sized family picture in the next package, thanks!​

In the last two pictures it's a mini golf course with deer, which I thought Mason would like. Especially since the front one has super weird antlers.

Also do you remember on that tv show that we watched about Albania how it talked about those weird communist shelter things, they're literally everywhere! I took a few pictures of them, but we see them all the time

For Senor Smith:  (I told Austin that I added him to the email list)  That's awesome! I love Sr. Smith! He was definitely one of my favorite teachers from junior high. Honestly, taking Spanish has helped me a ton with learning Albanian. Even though the languages are completely different, just knowing the process of learning a language and being able to hear it has helped a ton! I hope he's doing well, tell him hi for me!

February 27th (Must have skipped this one originally, adding it now)

So, sorry I'm emailing so late. We just got back from a doctor's appointment in Tirana for Elder Lords so we have no time to email. I'm doing well and not dead. We still aren't teaching anyone, but we've done a lot of work this week. I'm starting to hate tracting less which is nice. We had a good talk with some of the really strong members about what we can do to have more success and I feel like we got a lot of good ideas. We're still moving apartments but it won't be for a while and we aren't sure where. We have 4 missionaries in Vlorë, all of us are Elders. Elder Lords is super awesome. I love serving with him and we're having a fantastic time. He's been having some health issues recently but he has not been letting that slow him down.

For an Easter package, make sure that some of the pictures you send are smaller, about wallet sized, so I can just have one on me whenever people ask. Also just candy and tie clips, I need more tie clips because they are super useful. 

I'm still loving it in Vlorë and having a great time. We're still not having a ton of success but I feel like we really have the desire to work hard and have success so I feel like it will come eventually, all in the Lord's time which is fine with me. We have Stake Conference this week and I'm so excited, a ton of members from here and Elbasan are coming. 

I love you all so much, have a great week!

Also next week I will not be emailing on Monday, we are having a mission conference(in Elbasan which is awesome!) on Monday so P-Day is getting moved to Wednesday.

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