Thursday, December 28, 2017

December 18

Përshëndetje familja!

So this week we were basically out of our area all week. But it was still a good week.

To start out with the parts that actually took place in Fier. We had an awesome game night activity on Monday for Light the World that we invited the members and everyone else to come to. We had two families from our English Course that came and loved it! The members were great and did a good job at fellowshipping them, and then the kids even came to church on Sunday! Unfortunately that week we were late for English Course both times because to baptismal interviews so we looked a little unprofessional but it still worked out. Other than that, we met with Xhoni and Redi. They're both doing ok, but neither were in church. We're still really hoping that Redi will be baptized this weekend. He seemed like he would last time we met, but it's been almost a week since then. So more on that next week. Kristo, who is one of my best friends here in Fier had his birthday the day before mine and turned 16. So on Sunday Elder Lewis ordained him a priest and I translated for that, which was a super cool experience. He'll be an amazing priest and a huge help for the branch. Side note, translating is hard, but also kind of fun being able to just switch between both languages both ways and try to help two people who can't communicate on their own be able to talk to each other.

Then the rest of the week was mostly just spent traveling. We were in Lushnje two days, and then in Vlore twice too. And fun news, one of my favorite investigators just got baptized in Vlore! So we got to see him when we came down for his interview and that was great. After that we were in Korca for a day. I got to see Elder Schneider again and working there was a lot of fun. The next day we were in Pogradec. The Elders there are Elder Miller and Elder Richards and they're super awesome. We had a super fun exchange with them that included a #LighttheWorld concert that President Anderson and Sister Anderson came to as well as 170 other people from Pogradec. It was a lot of fun and an amazing way to introduce people to the church. They had a lot of people in church yesterday!

The week flew bye but it was a lot of fun. I'm still doing well. Loving it here in Fier. Elder Draper is awesome, and we still get along fantastically. I feel like I finally know the new missionaries in our zone after our exchanges. I have the pictures, they're downloading now and I'll send them today when I email again later. 

We're still figuring our an exact time for the skype next week, but for now plan on like 10 or 11 AM your time.

I love you! Send me any questions or things I might have missed.
Elder Gardiner

Birthday cake
Elder Draper and I made Cinnamon Rolls
Me, Elder Larsen, Romeo, and Gjergj from Korca
Me, Elder Draper, Kristo, and Ervin at one of our light the world activities
Me with Manuel (the one who got baptized this week in Vlore)
Elder Larsen with the Gjika's (There is one with me in it, but I don't have it yet)
Our exchange in Korca last transfer

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