Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10th

Përshëndetje familja!

So this week has been a really weird week. We've had a lot of really cool experiences and a lot of really hard ones too.

To start with a fun story, last week after we finished emailing we felt like we needed to go visit a family that we had met a while ago that lives pretty far away. So we went over and talked with them for a bit but they had work to do so they couldn't meet with us. So we decided to keep going in that area and felt like we needed to go in a certain direction. So we walked for a minute or two and noticed that there were people behind us talking, then all of the sudden we realized they were speaking English. So we decided to turn around and talk to them, and turns out they were missionaries too! They are with an organization called the YWAM, which coincidentally we actually already knew the leader of the YWAM here in Albania. So turns out there are about 800 missionaries here in Durrës from all over the world. So we ended up going to the leaders house and we just talked about religion, faith, and Christ for the rest of the night. It was awesome! They were such cool people and they have so much faith, it was amazing. It was so cool just seeing how many people have so much desire to just give their lives to Christ and try and serve people and teach them. We talked about the restoration too and it was cool because we got to share a little bit about what we believe, and they were very respectful.

It was also funny, this week we also ran into the peace corps too. And then we also ran into another American too, but he's a little different. His name is Trevor. He met the missionaries in Tirana but then came to Durrës so the missionaries told us to meet with him and help him out. So we met him, and it was interesting to say the least. He's on a journey, he started as some kind of missionary in France(not with our church), but then "washed their blood from his hands"(direct quote). So since then he's been making his way south. He's convinced our church can't be true because of the verse in Luke 13:33 that says a prophet can not die outside of Jerusalem, therefore Joseph Smith couldn't be a true prophet. And just to make things short, he's trying to get to Jerusalem to preach... So yeah. So we did our best to help him, but there's not a ton we could do.

This week we've faced a lot of adversity in the work. To start with the family we found last week. We came back another day this week to see how they were doing and if they had read, and well it turns out that the father of the family was not very happy. Apparently he got mad and will not let the rest of the family learn more or come to church. So that was really hard. Then basically the same thing happened with Xhuli and her family. Then we tried visiting another investigator and he said that if he keeps meeting with us he'll get fired from work. So that all was pretty disappointing.

But at least right now we still have Fation! Fation is so awesome and he's doing great. We still aren't allowed to teach him big lessons, but we went over the baptismal interview questions and he is totally ready.

Other than that, we've been doing a ton of contacting. We're really just trying to find some new people. We've had a little success with that, but no new crazy stories.

So that's about it for me, I'm still doing great and working hard. I've grown a lot so far this transfer and I'm becoming a much better missionary.

Now to answer some of your questions: There is no senior couple here so they don't come here ever, other than for apartment checks and interviews with president. I haven't been to Tirana still this week, but we might go soon because we should be getting a car this week or next. 

So that's about it for me. This week will probably be a little crazy, we have a lot of things planned for Easter.

I love you all! Have a great week!

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