Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26th

 Përshëndetje familja, ju dua shumë!

So not a lot to update you on after the skype yesterday, but things are still going great! We had a full day p-day today which is why I'm emailing a little later than usual. That was so fun, we ate lunch and then went and played pool with some of the members.

So other than that, we had a ton of people in church yesterday which was so awesome! We had so many people that we even had ushers and had to refill the sacrament trays during the sacrament because we ran out. That was super cool and I feel like things are really changing here for the better! Right now we're teaching a couple people but our main investigator for the moment is Lino. He's really cool and he has a ton of faith in Christ and he has a lot of desire to follow his path. So we've had some really good lessons with him and also his friend Disi. 

This week has been super crazy and we've done a ton of work getting ready for Christmas. We worked a lot with the members and we went around and visited as many members as we could to invite them to the Christmas activity that we had on Friday. That was so cool because we had like 125 people there! A lot of members brought friends and family and everyone seemed to have a good time!

I loved having that skype yesterday and getting to talk to all of you! It was so awesome getting to see all your faces and hear your voices! Also I think it's awesome that you still have those flags hanging up, definitely a good addition to the living room! Also the weather here was beautiful today, it was really warm and the sun was out all day. Sounds like a big difference from back home.

Also I need you to send me the name of Max's grandma so I can tell Xhuljo! I told him about that and he was pretty excited about that.

Also yes, Motra Hall and Motra Miles were both in my MTC group which is pretty fun. Our district is awesome, we work really well together and we all get along super well!

I love you all so much! I can't think of anything else to say though but I should be on a little bit longer if you have any other questions.

I love you! Until next week!

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