Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 24

Pershendetje Familja ju dua!
So I don't have a lot of time this week so it'll probably be really quick.
This has been an amazing week and so much has happened. But first and foremost Lindis got baptized!!!!! One of the members here, Ersi did the baptism which was awesome and it was so cool getting to watch that happen and helping him prepare for this. That was so amazing, I loved having that experience so much! He's so amazing and I know that he'll be such a strong member. It was so cool because his family even came to his baptism! Then they came again to his confirmation, and his little step-sister even stayed for all three hours of church! I had the amazing experience of confirming him too! That was so cool because I still don't really know how to speak this language but it was still so good. He talked to us after his confirmation yesterday and said that he was so overcome with emotion that he couldn't stop from crying during it which was totally the Holy Ghost comforting him! It's so cool to see the change that comes from having the spirit with people as that constant companion. The difference it has made on him is so noticeable, it was so cool seeing how much he wanted to participate and share in church it's awesome! So I don't have a picture of us at his baptism, but Elder Mero does and there should be some on the facebook page so if you could send me that when you get them I would really appreciate that.
So the reason that I don't have a lot of time today is because we went on a P-Day trip to Kor├ža and Pogradec which was so cool! I got a ton of picture but I don't  have my camera cord so I will send those next week and explain that more.
Also this week we got to do an exchange with the zone leaders. I got to work with Elder Ingram for one day and that was so cool. We worked super hard and we had so much success that day. I learned so much from him and it's really inspired me and shown me what I need to do to improve. Also the day after Elder Mero had District Leader training so I had another half-day exchange where I got to work with Elder Holding, who is related to the McGills. That was a lot of fun too because he talked in Albanian for almost the whole time so that really pushed me and I learned a lot from that.
On that regard I feel like I'm understanding the language a lot better this week. There are still a ton of words that I don't know but I am starting to hear it better. I still sound extremely new when I talk but that's been one of the best parts of working with Elder Mero is that he knows the language very well and he has good really good pronunciation, at least for missionary standards. So I've been learning so much from him and I keep improving. 
Now just for a few fun things. First off, no one can pronounce my name here. It's super hard for them, so don't be surprised if I end up changing to Elder Gardi or Elder Garni eventually(there are other missionaries who have had to do that as well). Also along those lines, everyone is convinced that I'm Chinese here. Whenever I tell anyone where I'm from they always ask where my origins are so I have to explain that I'm very much Western European of descent. Also one thing that they don't have at home that they need to get is Fanta Exotic. I drink it all the time, even though it's probably not the healthiest thing on the planet, aka it's probably the second most sugary thing I've ever drank.
So that's all I have time for this week, I love you all and I'm still doing great here!
Elder Gardiner

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